Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Do I Go To Get My Humanness Back?

THIS time last week life was full of promise and brimming with friends, including all the news ones I was making through this blog. It seemed to me that, finally, there was a certainty and solidity I cound count on - a community of sympathetic souls who shared the same vision. Tolerance, acceptance, decency, trust.

Amazing, isn't it, how you can be flung so quickly from champagne to plain old pain?

The abuse was to be expected, I suppose, once Bolt and Blair had whipped their bogan brigades into a frenzy of hate and villification. That hurt, and it hurt again and hurt even more just a few minutes ago, when I steeled myself to look in the comments tray and found hundreds - HUNDREDS!!!! -- of messages waiting to be moderated, many questioning my sanity. They had been building up for a week, festering like a pocket of pus under the epidermis of the internet, and when I looked they exploded across the screen and bathed my eyes in rancid poisons.

Even my very existence has been called into question. We all know about the curse of otherness and the permission that grants the bourgeois, brick veneerial bigots to dismiss and degrade anyone who does not share their quarter acre sensibilities. Now I am less than "the other". Call it sub-otherness, if you like. Or if you want to use old fashioned words,  just say that my situation is the result of cowardly treachery by supposed allies.

Now that is low, so low, and while it was to be expected from the rancid right, can I tell you how much more pain was inflicted by the those who swore that we were all comrades marching toward the common goal? For 24 hours this blog was the destination for visitors following links that Jeremy Sear posted at his site. Then the trouble began, the abusive avalanche commenced, and the link was gone.

How can we stand together, Jeremy, if we are not prepared to be hanged together?

I know I said I would not blog again, but I can no longer stand by that promise. I have been betrayed  by so many people. Now I demand that the guilty to explain themselves.