Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing Link

THIS IS the treachery I was talking about: First, the nice letters -- then your link is taken away without explanation.

Dear Arlene

I am very sorry to see what those utter pr*cks, Beck, Blair and Bolt, have done with their repulsive horde of monkeys. Bullies and thugs, the lot of them.

I very much want to write something condemning their behaviour at Pure Poison, but am concerned that to do so would make things worse for you. I suspect you'd rather I didn't provoke the hornet's nest to descend into further abuse.

But you have my support. Being a target of such vicious people is both upsetting and a massive compliment. Imagine being someone who those three approved of. THAT would make a person question themselves. Whereas being someone they feel the need to bully - you must be doing something right.

All the best.


Jeremy Sear.

and there is this too.

Hi Alene,

I'm Jeremy Sear's Fiancee'. I noticed that the usual suspects like J F Beck and Tim Blair have been attacking you (no doubt partly because you showed public support for Jeremy). I just wanted to let you know that I thought the post you wrote in response was very brave, and the only reason I'm not posting this on your blog is because I'm conscious that would make things worse.

Also, I'm fairly sure that "Spot the Dog", one of your followers, is J F Beck. I'd suggest you block him if you can. I know you can't stop him from reading, but if he knows that you're on to him, it might give him pause. I can't prove that it's him, but we're fairly sure it is.

I'm sorry you have to go through this. I cop the same thing just because I am Jeremy's Fiancee. Unfortunately these people are terrible bullies. I think your response is the right one. Don't publish the comments and then just ignore them. I can't promise they'll get bored and go away because god knows they haven't let up on Jeremy, but you'll definitely feel better about it.

Sorry to blather, just wanted to let you know that it's not all sucksville out there, and they're a pack of bullies not worth the worry.

And then, after Jeremy wrote this, "I very much want to write something condemning their behaviour at Pure Poison, but am concerned that to do so would make things worse for you" what do I find?

Jeremy has gone ahead and written about me anyway, questioning my very existence!

You can tell from the note that Jeremy believed in me, a faith that gave strength to my blogging and stiffened my conviction. But it didn't last. By the time he had published that Pure Poison post, this is what he was saying about my blogging. It was an "assinine gotcha".

As Margo learned, they would sell their own mothers.


  1. There can be few things more soul destroying than having your very existence questioned, Alene.

    Clearly, with your return to blogging, you demonstrate that not only are you are real, but you are brave. I am sure that Sparkles will be inspired by your example.

    Also, please let us know if you have any more neighbour problems.

    Welcome back Alene.

    from Gavin (ShadowLands)

  2. You've been through the mill, poor you. Bolt and Blair first also thought your REAL then for their own inscrotable reasons decided your a parody.

    And now Sear! Sure fine he's has been suffering from fever lately but Keri too? Against my better nature I think its a plot.

    Well please know there are people many people who believe in you for who you are.

  3. I can't believe he and his fiance would cut you loose like that. As you say, the bogan brigades have got the better of them.

    Just remember, true friendship is a cat.

  4. Alene, after hearing that Sparkles may have been eating you the past few days, it just so chuffing to hear that you.are.OK.

    As for your softdrink reference in todays Age, surely common ground - call it bipartisanship - can be found.

    Perhaps if we merely take the carbonated element out of Coke (the fizziness, the refrigeration), a happy medium can be found.

  5. How is Sparkles, I have been worried about him since you said you were leaving us

    Is he eating well, does he like tuna?

    I have some tuna that I bought during the floods but I don't really like it myself.

    Maybe Sparkles might like it and that would save you having to go to the shops...

  6. Mere words cannot express the pleasure I take in reading your thoughts!
    I sincerely hope to see more of them as time and your condition will allow.
    I also hope that these vicious attacks against you run out of steam as the evil intent of the perpetrators comes to weigh on their souls.

  7. Tell spot the dog a cancer joke, that will have him spewing vile.

  8. Dear Alene,

    This is to alert you that someone is subverting your blog by making supportive comments disappear.

    I thought you'd want to know!.

    Harry Bergeron

  9. Hi Alene,

    Sure I'm a right-winger but I sympathise with you nontheless. I mean, look at how Kerimy bad-mouth me in a behind the scenes tag team match calling me names and accusing me of being "Spot the Dog". It just isn't fair that you and I, independent bloggers of different political persuasions, should cop it in the neck merely for speaking truth to power.

    Anyway, even though we have both been badly burned by the Left, life goes on so we must move forward.

    By the way, are you partnered?

  10. "Perhaps if we merely take the carbonated element out of Coke (the fizziness, the refrigeration), a happy medium can be found." --jamesboard

    But don't you know that would leave in place the deadly soda ingredient, dihydrogen monoxide? Planetary poisoning is eminent and nothing is being done about it.