Monday, March 21, 2011

She Used Her Head

THE stirring story of an animal rights activist who placed herself between hunter and fowl has summoned my muse.

Duck, ducks!
Geese with guns
Are scoring runs
As peaceful folk
While saving birds
From lethal turds
Whose slaughter
O’er the water
Leaves feather and beaks
On countless creeks
And a vegan crusader,
A marshland blockader,
Peppered with shot
In her hospital cot


  1. Poetic genius, alene! If this doesn't get you a gig at Crikey, nothing will.

  2. Good lord I feel awful for that 14 year old boy who shot her! Clearly she put herself on a live fire range knowing what could happen. To call her stupid is the understatement of the year. Darwin award - yeah!

    If I were that kids dad I would be beside myself with anger and fury. He is the one who now has to counsel his kid who no doubt is guilt ridden over this.

    Actions have consequences.