Monday, March 21, 2011

Silence Of The Grave

HAVE you noticed how the nuclear catastrophe in Japan is suddenly missing from the front pages?

How bad must it be if this sort of censorship is now deemed essential for the public good, needed to avoid panic and riotous disorder?. Even the SMH and Age have signed on, no longer daring to mention the coming meltdowns so many scientists were warning about only on Friday. Instead, in a transparent effort to distract the public, the Age now writes not about the threat to humanity but the impact on carrots and comquats.

During World War Two, the last time Japan was perceived as being a threat to Australia (thanks to the racist Billy Hughes) a line was drawn at Brisbane, south of which the monochromatic culture of the old Australia was to be preserved, even by force of arms.

Where have our officials drawn the new "Brisbane Line" that marks where the southbound tide of nuclear fallout will stop?

Stock up on that iodised fish offal. You will need it.

UPDATE: On the ABC this morning Jon Faine's broadcast is beset by static. Gamma radiation hitting the aerial?


  1. Who knew Nuclear meltdowns were such a walk in the Park? when the only problem is slightly tainted bannana spinach, who cares.

    There has been no description of what has been happening to the hundreds of workers trying to control the meltdown, my favourite bit is calling them the 'Fukushima fifty' even though there are 300 or so people actually working there, maybe there is a acceptable number of people that can die in these situations, somewhere around 50 or something, like Chernobyl and all the cancer victims are just Green scaremongering, after all Radiation is good for you.

    Nothing like a 'it is probably too late to come to a decisive victory but it's Libya so they deserve it anyway' war to really take up some front page space as well, Qadafi probably thought he was on a winner when the Tsunami hit, but as soon as the radiation industry was threatened, it was over.

  2. News Flash: apparently 18% of Greens support Nuclear power,

    Who knew, nothing like quality polling to really get to the truth.