Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I HAVE just sent this little note to Tim Flannery:

Dear Dr Flannery,
I recently started blogging and, because I am fearful of what will happen if we don't reduce carbon pollution, I write regularly about this topic. Today an item of mine was reproduced in part on Tim Blair's blog, which is funded by Rupert Murdoch (as you might expect). When I followed the links to his site (a place I usually avoid), I found the most disrespectful and appalling picture of you. Same thing at Bolt's cesspit, too.

My question is why don't you sue? Murdoch has a lot of money and his minions hold you up constantly to ridicule and encourage people to have contempt for everything you stand for. With our country ravaged by floods and fire, your message is vital.

Personally, I think Murdoch's contempt for reason and science and the peer-review process invalidates any claim he has to engage in "free" speech. As Commissioner of the Clime Change Council, perhaps you could suggest restrictions on what Murdoch and his monkeys can say. This would leave us with the Fairfax papers and the ABC, and I do not think you can find better sources of information than them.
etc etc

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