Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That's It

McCARTHYISM is alive and well in Australia. Dissent and be damned, ridiculed, vilified. If it had not been for the dozen warm and generous emails from supporters and sympathisers, I would not even be posting this. I am not a professional writer or public figure. Is it fair that I should receive more at least 80 comments urging me to see a shrink, drop dead, get help, have a bath, eat meat, drown Sparkles or have a threesome with Bob Brown and a moose?

As I have said, I am not publishing those comments. There is enough ugliness in the world without giving hate another pulpit.

In fact I am not publishing anything more. Period.

Go and abuse someone better equipped to return the abuse in kind. Am I weak? Probably, but to abused by so many, to be lynched and silenced by intimidation and an avalanche of mob mentallity abuse, that is too much for me.

No more posts from me. Go and torment someone else, you animals.

Thanks to those who shared words of comfort and support. I won't mention you by name because the horde will only switch its venom to your sites. And also thanks to the good people at the Drum for their support and editting of my expose of Kristina Keneally and that "moose" comment. It is a little glimpse of what might have been and now never will.


  1. will you do sex with me for twenty dollars that is my last offer.

  2. Alene

    Your views aren't mine, and I've come here via Andrew Bolt's blog.

    But letting people abuse you into giving up will only vindicate their nastiness, and that's even more upsetting for me than your politics.

    I'm sure your blogs and comments make the world a better place for some, and that's reason enough to keep going.

    By the way, I had a chuckle at your histrionics this afternoon while reading Andrew's blog - this hardly makes me an animal torturer.


  3. I love you. As long as you keep blogging the left is going down. Is that the plan? I hope so. You are the perfect sleeper agent. Well done.

  4. Noooo!

    Please don't give up blogging.

    Just automatically block comments or something.

    I love reading this blog.


  5. Please print more. Your contributions are brilliant

  6. Already the sun is shining brighter.

  7. Soda drinks, beer and Bubbly now public enemies too?

    You do know that every time you exhale you release more 'CO2 pollution' into the atmosphere?

  8. Catherine Deveny and Marieke Hardy are two the most vile discussing people to walk on this earth, you have join there ranks.