Monday, March 7, 2011

Uncle Sam Circles The Drain

IT's a pity that it had to happen when the US has the brightest and bravest President in the country's history, but the historic inevitability of America's decline could never have ebeen avoided. Yes, it will be tough for Americans as things go from worse to absolutely horrible, but life was pretty terrible for the Japanese after Truman dropped atomic bombs on two largely undefended cities full of women, children and other civilians.

What the Japanese came to realise is that they had a responsibility to hold their government and Emperor accountable, and this is a concept that, up until now, has been totally alien to Americans' thinking. Now smarter people are catching on, even those who write for the corporatist media.

Yes, America deserved it -- as a million slaughtered Iraqis would say if they had not been killed in a nakedly nasty war of conquest for oil.

Read the link and celebrate the imminent downfall of a despot's reign. Just spare a thought for the average American living in the wreckage of imperial dreams.

Soon we will be sending them food parcels and our cast-off clothes. Can hardly wait!


  1. Dear Alene--Here's an excellent book by an Aussie that goes into what life would be like without the U.S. I'm sure you'd like the premise a lot:

    And good luck with your maladies.

    Tommy Shanks

  2. Yeah, Japan was totally innocent.