Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sear-ing Insight

MY training is in psychology and counselling, but when I read Jeremy Sear's posts I really wish I also had studied the law. The Melbourne barrister has been a fixture of the online progress-o-sphere for many years and has the distinction of having got the better of Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt on many issues. He runs the Pure Poison blog at Crikey and is tireless in his efforts to counteract the oppressive and instinctive gagging of dissent that is the staple of Australia's conservative media establishment. (At a risk of being sexist, he must turn quite a few heads at parties, demos, and other social functions. Smart and a spunk too! Some people have it all. Don't worry, Jeremy, I'm far too old for you!).

Anyway, his latest post at An Onymous Lefty is just brilliant. Here's a little excerpt:

The Opposition is banking on Australian voters being unwilling to consider a small drop in their standard of living to reduce the risk of a massive drop in their standard of living later; it’s banking on us being short-sighted and hypocritical. (Hypocritical in the sense of, let the much poorer people in China and India live on even less before we consider tempering our unsustainable consumption.

Jeremy's proactivity in taking on the powers that be was one of my inspirations to finally take the plunge into the world of blogging. What could I, a homebound retiree, contribute? Jeremy provided the answer by example: truth, passion and conviction. I don't kid myself that this little blog will achieve the influence and profile that Jeremy has established and which he builds upon, day by day. But every little helps, and I am proud to count myself on the same side.

His legal training has equipped him to cut straight to the issues, to bare the core of any argument. It is why his blog is on my daily list of sites to check.

It should be on yours too.

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