Monday, March 7, 2011

Ridicule Me, Please

OK, I have some problems with my private life. The panic attacks, the fear of leaving the house, a constriction that can make it almost impossible at times to talk on the phone, especially to strangers. So I'm damaged goods.

Fine. Terrific. Have a good laugh if that is what floats your boat. And if you come from Tim Blair's blog that is exactly what you will do. I am just here to be ridiculed apparently by the schoolyard bullies. I look at Sparkles asleep on the pillow by my desk and I shudder. These people are the sort who would torture you for the "fun" of it, Sparkles.

I won't ask for pity or sympathy. But what I will do is refuse to post their vile comments. I put up a number of critical and insulting ones before I twigged, wondering where the sudden deluge of jokes and remarks was coming from. So I looked in the traffic stats category and, yes, they were all being directed from Murdochvania, where the media vampires suck the goodness out of any effort that doesn't sit right with Count Rupert. I guess I am getting the "Margo treatment" because that is what he did to her year after year. Well thanks for that, Tim. To me it is the highest praise.

They could have come here to debate the issues and argue their case. Instead like ringwormy jackals they only want to tear down and destroy and ridicule and laugh and scoff.

What i can do is refuse to post any more abusive comments. The ones that are there now will remain as exhibit A in the prosecution case against people whose humanity can only be measured with a microscope.

Let that record stand.


  1. So can I comment?

  2. "I look at Sparkles asleep on the pillow by my desk and I shudder. These people are the sort who would torture you for the "fun" of it, Sparkles."

    How did you find out?

    The plans are well advanced, don't tell Sparkles there are some things a Sparkles shouldn't know.

  3. I must confess my guilt. I came here via the Tim Blair Blog.

    I am sorry to hear your adult life has been difficult - Truly. Likewise and under normal circumstances I can't condone offensive comments in anonymous blogs. I too have been the victim of such attacks.

    But what I read here is a constant barrage against people who are guided by virtues such as principle, compassion, logic, hard work, freedom of choice, the pursuit of excellence and self determination.

    Some people will take offense at such unsubstantiated and baseless remarks, and if the opportunity presents itself, make a rebuttal.

    It could be that conservatives are guilty of sins at both a personal and political level. No one and no political movement is perfect.

    With that in mind the laundry of the left is frequently filthy. I find the politics of envy despicable. The minds of the left are frequently polluted with groupthink and brazen indoctrination.

    If success or risk taking is to be punished, we never would have made it out of the stone age.



  4. haaaa haaaaa haaaaa

  5. Hi. I too am a reader of Tim Blair. A white, "redneck" raaacist conservative who happened to marry a wonderful Asian (gasp shock horror) woman who is the light of my life.
    Just before Xmas, while returning home from a walk with my wife, a stray kitten started to follow us. I've never been a "cat person" but this little furball wouldn't shoo or take no for an answer. He cried at the back door but I gently dropped him over the back fence, into the park. One minute later, he was back.
    It's been 3 months now and the "little" furball is eating us out of house and home. My point is that you can't be certain of anything in life. I never envisaged taking in a stray cat. As Thomas Sowell once said,"It takes a great deal of intelligence to realise the extent of your own ignorance".
    We're all here doing our time. Try to stop hating yourself otherwise one day you'll wake up old, empty and regretful.

    All the best, zz chop.

  6. Alene, don't listen to the trolls, and keep writing.

  7. "the threat posed by carbonated drinks. Every time we open a bottle of soft drink, drink a beer or pop the cork on champagne, we release another jolt of invisible CO2 poison into the ecosphere."

    Not sure if serious....