Saturday, March 5, 2011

AS I wrote in the previous post, today has not got off to a good start. I have had to change the sheets I put on the bed only five days ago and because they are big and bulky, that means an extra load of washing, which I try to keep to a minimum. One load a week limits the amount of phosphates I inject into the environment and, because it all ends up flowing into the Bay, into the bio-cycle. Our Bay has been raped -- there is no other word for it -- by a Dutch multinational dredging company and the damage to the seafloor environment has been catastrophic. From Mornington to Williamstown reports are coming of cancer-riddled fish and genetic mutations.

It is obscene even to consider the damage, done for no better reason than corporate profit, that has been inflicted on the magnificent body of water that makes life in Melbourne possible The recent heavy rains have washed all sorts of nasty stuff into the Bay, where that detritus now forms a toxic soup with the polluted sediments stirred up by the dredgers' buckets.

Damn it! This post was going to be filthy conservatives' sexist jokes at the expense of Kristina Keneally but I have let my passions sidetrack my thoughts. Better start again, but before I do, how's this for an example of genetic damage:


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  1. Errrm - you only spilled WATER on your bed and now you have to WASH them? Just let them dry - no need for washing! It's just water!
    If you are so concerned about the bay and all the horrors taking place it in, why are you contributing to them with unnecessary laundering?
    You are starting to sound suspiciously like a...Conservative!