Sunday, February 6, 2011

Backyard Blitz

I MENTIONED in my last post the problems I have had with my neighbours, who are noisy and play cricket in the backyard endlessly. The owner is or was some sort of journalist (probably a sports-writing bogan, judging from the football club flag he flies in September) but he is not the problem.

It is his uni student son who lives there also and never goes a day without bringing his ocker mates over. They hit balls against the fence while batting with one hand while holding beer in the other. Because I cannot go out without working through the drills I need to control the panic, it is very difficult and trying. I have called the Council to see if they will stop them but the answer is no on both counts. You are still allowed to impair other people's enjoyment by playing noisily at cricket AND you are allowed to fly your flapping football team's flag.

Several weeks ago the son jumped the fence. I could not prepare myself to venture out but I did rush to the toilet window, which is the sliding kind and opens about 10cm. In the small space, speaking through a small space and one floor above the trespasser, I was able to speak up and demand that he leave the ball, go home and end the game. He pretended he did not know where my voice was coming from and kept talking with his back to my vantage point, which made it very difficult to understand his words.

But I picked up the tone alright! It was incredibly inappropriate, but what should I expect from a petrol head who is always tinkering with his car.

We rightfully have laws that stop home owners cutting down a tree until permission has been granted. It is hard to believe that there are absolutely no laws to protect the victims of what amounts to harassment.

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