Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Age -- Part II

THERE IS a lot of chatter on the web about the new Fairfax CEO, Greg Hywood, and why he must "remake" the Age. Since most of this comes from Murdoch lackeys I think we can conclude that Hywood would be foolish to take Murdoch's advice. Did Stalin consult Hitler about the next offensive in the Great Patriotic War?

The Age's redesign is a triumph and the paper's access to enlightened readers is secure. Please, Mr Hywood, don't take charge with a heavy hand. You could lose me and scores of other devoted readers if you do.

Still, I worry. If Hywood has ethnic sympathies with Israel, will he tolerate Paul McGeough's fearless truth-telling about the Zionist State's endless jackbooting? Fred Hilmer, a former Fairfax boss, never interfered with the editorial process and allowed his newspapers to mature into the unique organs of debate and uncowed opinion they are today.

Hywood should just bring back Bristow and leave good enough alone!

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